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A Probate Nightmare

WITHOUT PROBATE, ESTATES WOULD BE SUBJECT TO LAWLESS LOOTING  My name is Michael Lucy, a long time friend of Attorney Bo Schimers. I would like to share my probate story with Mr. Schimers readers. It is a little known fact that Mr. Schimers was a lifesaver for my family while we grieved over my uncle... Read more »

3 Worries Every Separated Parent Has

Divorce is difficult, but having children can make things even trickier and much more personal. Of course, the goal in the long run is to provide the best benefit to your child’s upbringing. This means you need a good divorce lawyer. Every parent has several concerns with this divorce process; here are a few common... Read more »

A Word on Prenuptial Agreements - Words from a Downriver Divorce Attorney

Advice on Prenuptial or Antenuptial Agreements from Downriver, Detroit & Michigan Divorce Attorney, Bo Schimers Worried about the consequence for your impending marriage?  Michigan recognizes prenuptial agreements technically called antenuptial agreements.  Couples frequently want to enter into such an agreement to determine the distribution of assets if they should divorce. Reasons for wanting such an... Read more »

A Case Study in Divorce: A Michigan, Detroit and Downriver Divorce Attorney Story

Michigan Law and The Marital Estate What is the “marital estate” and why should you care.  In a divorce, assets are divided based on the length of the marriage.  In a short term marriage, you walk out with whatever you walked in with PLUS half of any appreciation or what was acquired during the marriage.... Read more »

Best Way to Get Out of Jail Free? Don't get Caught with a DUI During Holiday Season

Bo: A Lifelong Downriver Resident and Practicing Criminal Defense and DUI Attorney Hello, I am attorney Bo Schimers and I thank you for stopping by the Legal Edge Blog. If I have ever had the privilege of meeting you, you might remember me as the wiseguy with a lot of funny (okay, and some not-so-funny) jokes. There... Read more »


The state of Michigan has recently tightened their laws of drunk driving in an attempt to curb the practice as much as possible. Specifically, a ‘Super Drunk Law’ has been enacted that has increased the severity of penalties for individuals that have been convicted for driving with extremely significant levels of Blood Alcohol Content (BAC).... Read more »


In Michigan, if you have been convicted for drunk driving multiple times, your driver’s license can be revoked for the rest of your life. But this is not true for all repeat offenders because it depends on the number of drunk driving convictions within a given time period. Even if your license has been revoked,... Read more »

Slip and Fall Injuries | Downriver Personal Injury Attorney

Slip and Falls and You in Michigan Legal Advice in Midst of Injury – Downriver Personal Injury According to an OSHA report, slip and falls are the second greatest cause of accidental death after motor vehicles, responsible for around 15% of accidental deaths. That’s 12,000 fatal slip and falls each year. They are also one... Read more »

Can Students Force Divorcing Parents to Pay for College?

Divorce and College – The Challenge, how to Manage and Pay? According to Aristotle, “education is the best provision for life’s journey.” In our current society, it is generally accepted that a college education will improve one’s socioeconomic status over time. However, most states don’t factor costs for higher education into Child Support formulas. In... Read more »

What Should I Do First—File for Divorce or File for Bankruptcy?

Many people file for bankruptcy as a result of their costly divorce. But what if you already have debt issues before the marriage crumbled? She liked Coach bags a little too much or he enjoyed a few too many Cuban cigars? Many people come to our Detroit divorce and family law firm to ask, “Which... Read more »


SUBSTANCE USE EVALUATIONS: REVIEWING THE PROCESS By Michael Brock My daughter recently asked me what steps a person would go through to get their license back. It seemed she needed the information for a project she is working on. I sent her this review of the current process. The information is all included in previous... Read more »

The Legal Process - What Happens When you are Arrested?

Legal Process in Criminal Matters I. Near the Time of the Arrest/Before the Court Case It is usually never a good idea to talk to police at the crime scene. People think they can talk their way out of being arrested – but instead they frequently give police an admission. Many also become argumentative. This... Read more »

Islamic Divorce - Detroit & Michigan Divorce Laws

With Michigan’s large Islamic community, the issue of an Islamic divorce in conjunction with the civil divorce case frequently is an issue. It is not uncommon for the wife to complain that her husband will not cooperate in obtaining the Islamic divorce. (Mostly, as an attempt to continue to control her and prevent her subsequent... Read more »

Child Custody Laws in Michigan

Child Custody in Michigan Importance of a Court Order Usually the biggest issue in a divorce or initial family law case is child custody. Without a court order, the parent with the sharpest elbow can obtain possession of their child. Absent a breach of the peace, it is unlikely that police will respond or get... Read more »

Alimony in Michigan - Facts & Considerations

Alimony in Michigan Alimony or spousal support springs from the concept that contributions from each marriage partner should be valued equally. Many people are under the misconception that Michigan no longer has alimony. An equal number are also mistaken that just because they want it or suffered in the marriage that therefore they are entitled... Read more »

Drunk Driving Defense - Beating The BAC Datamaster Machine in Michigan

Drunk Driving Defense – Beating The BAC Datamaster Machine in Michigan The typical drunk driving stop has the following scenario: Police officer has the driver perform a field sobriety test and a preliminary breath test (PBT). If the officer claims that the driver failed then there likely will be an arrest and a transport back to... Read more »

Contested Divorce vs Uncontested Divorce in Michigan

Contested Divorce vs Uncontested Divorce in Michigan Quite a number of clients tell me that their divorce will be uncontested divorce. They usually say this because they believe that they have an agreement with their spouse regarding all outstanding issues. Is a Divorce Attorney Necessary for an Uncontested Divorce?: By Stacey Schmidt A separation need not... Read more »

How Bo handles a divorce clients fears

Here Bo explains what he does to lead his client through their fears when they pursue a divorce or separation.

The Divorce Process In Michigan

Bo Explains The Divorce Process The divorce process not only here in southeast Michigan but in the US can be complex for sure, that’s why it’s important to have a competent divorce attorney such as Bo on your side.

How I Serve As A Michigan Attorney

What being a Michigan Attorney means to me I have been a Michigan Attorney for over 20 years. There have been many changes in the law and how it is practiced during that time. I go to courts throughout S.E. Michigan including those in Wayne County, Oakland, Macomb, Monroe, Washtenaw and Livingston counties. The types... Read more »

This Michigan Attorney's Six Top Ethical Duties

As a Michigan Attorney, I feel these are the six top ethical duties of any criminal lawyer. Function As an attorney I have obligation to my clients to be ethical in my duties to them as I represent their best interest. These duties are fundamentally ethical and professional and should be adhered to by all... Read more »

Michigan Attorney talks Date of Separation

As a Michigan Attorney I understand every case is different, and there are some common questions that people have as they face divorce and custody proceedings. Michigan uses the date of separation as the essential date for determining property interests; property acquired by a spouse after the date of separation is considered to be that... Read more »

Your License, Your Freedom!

As a Michigan Drivers License Restoration Attorney, I can tell  you that if you’re seeking to get  your license reinstated by the Michigan Driver License Appeal Division (DAAD) then you’ll need the right representation and here’s why.  It takes at least six months to a year reapply for licensure if you lose at the DAAD hearing.... Read more »

Michigan Attorney talks about Interlock Ignition Device

As a Michgan Attorney who deals in DUI’s and Drivers License Restoration, I was once asked in an interview about the Interlock Ignition Device. This device is basically something for the drivers license restorations. When you are successful at that hearing then for the first year and thereafter they will require that you have installed... Read more »

In Michigan Attorney's Come a Dime a Dozen

In Michigan, you can find an attorney on just about any corner. Especially in southeast Michigan, Detroit, Dearborn, Southgate, Westland, Livonia, etc. I’ve been in business for a longtime, twenty five plus years and I can tell you that integrity and trust between attorney and client is key. I’ll give you a brief example. When... Read more »

Understanding the Michigan Drivers License Restoration Process

One of the best resources for understanding the drivers license restoration here in the great state of Michigan is the State’s web site,1607,7-127-1627_8665_9074-29754–,00.html .  A piece of information on the site is the Drivers License Appeal Process if you want to find out more about it just Click Here Also, there’s a Driver’s License... Read more »

Is A Fast Divorce Possible In Michigan?

Here’s a divorce question I get a lot.  Is there anything such as a Fast Divorce? For a Michigan Divorce we have what’s called a statutory waiting period.  The statutory waiting period can be waived.  Now there are about half of the judges in downtown Detroit that will not waive the statutory waiting period under... Read more »

Drivers License Restoration History

Drivers license restoration has evolved.  It used to be if you lost your license because of a DUI or a drunk driving charge in one state or your license was suspended it was no problem.  So years ago people would do things like lose their license here in Michigan and would go down to Ohio or... Read more »

Should You Use The Same Attorney As Your Spouse in A Divorce?

I’m often asked if by people seeking a divorce, if both spouses should use the same attorney.  I’ve posted a video that answers that question.  The answer is No.  But I go into some detail as to why you want to use a separate divorce attorney’s. Plenty of factors are involved such as child custody,... Read more »

How Long It Takes To Get A Divorce in Michigan

In this video I discuss the length of time it takes to get a divorce in the state of Michigan.  This is often a frequently asked question and this video will answer it.  But remember to take in consideration the other factors involved in what can be an emotional and painful situation. Child custody, financial... Read more »

Drivers License Restoration in Michigan

Drivers License Restoration in Michigan has been around since 1992.  Prior to then everybody would go to circuit court to get their license back after they had a number of drinking and driving offenses.  However the legislature was getting a lot of pressure and took away circuit court’s power to give anybody a restricted license. ... Read more »