Your License, Your Freedom!

As a Michigan Drivers License Restoration Attorney, I can tell  you that if you’re seeking to get  your license reinstated by the Michigan Driver License Appeal Division (DAAD) then you’ll need the right representation and here’s why.  It takes at least six months to a year reapply for licensure if you lose at the DAAD hearing.  You don’t want to lose at that hearing.

I’ll help you get your license restored by putting you through a training that will prepare you for your hearing.  My success rate is well over 95%.  I know what I’m doing.

Losing your license means you lose your freedom, as well as your ability to do the activities that are important in life, i.e get back and forth to work, make doctors appointments, meetings, etc.  It’s about getting the proper assistance you need to get your life back on track.  Call me at 734-282-0200.