Personal Injury Attorney

Call today for your free phone consultation, (734) 282-0200 – Some of the personal injury claims that I have settled for my clients include:

I have settled claims in the $$$ MILLIONS $$$ Get Your Justice Now

  • Medical Malpractice; Birth Trauma
  • Car Accident; Motorcycle and Trucking Injuries
  • Michigan No-Fault Insurance Claims [PIP]
  • Premises Liability Claims including slip and falls, trip and falls, falls on ice and snow, falling merchandise
  • Dogbites
  • Boating accidents
  • Tainted food – salmonella; E. coli, SARS; Norwalk disease; poison, etc.
  • Products Liability claims whereby injuries were caused by defective products.
  • Exposure to dangerous substances such as Asbestos.
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Of course, I give you the Schimers guarantee where I never charge an attorney fee unless we win! Remember insurance companies make money by not paying claims.  Call me for all the details.