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As a Michigan Divorce Attorney, I know the hardship divorce can have on all involved. Call now for your free phone consultation:(734) 282-0200.

Michigan has no-fault divorce. You don’t need a reason such as abandonment, etc. to get a divorce or have a need for a divorce lawyer. You know when its over. Is it? If the answer is yes – call Bo! If the answer is maybe – please consider marriage counseling. Truly, the “grass is not greener on the other side.” Fortunately, I have reasonable rates and I accept credit cards!

In a short-term marriage you generally walk out with what you walked in with and half the appreciation of all marital assets.

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In a long-term marriage you generally split everything – including equity in the house, pensions, 401(k)s and debts. Is there a large difference between you and your spouses income? If so, the Judge will probably award payment of some COBRA health benefits (worth up to +$18,000) and alimony! Maybe even the attorney fees.

With that kind of money at stake it would be foolish to hire the cheapest attorney that you can find, or worse – use a divorce kit! “Penny wise – Pound foolish” still applies!

There is such a great variation in what is possible – it is extremely important that you call and get an individualized answer to your situation. I have seen a million different solutions. It is likely that I have seen yours.

What are the Costs of a Divorce Lawyer or Divorce Attorney?

Unlike some other well-known law firms, I never try to exaggerate the differences between the parties, or fight every attempt at compromise. I am confident that I know what is right. If I can’t come to a reasonable agreement then I usually suggest binding arbitration. Therefore, only one out-of-a-thousand cases go to trial. Call me, Bo Schimers, today and have the absolute best quality divorce lawyer on your side.

  • Only $280 per hour with$1200 down for a divorce without children
  • Only $1500 down for a divorce with children
  • The Friend of the Court may charge as much as as $750 per parent for an investigation to recommend child custody.
  • Slight additional charges if real property, pension or spousal support is involved – or if an immediate hearing is necessary.
  • Mediation is extra

I am the confident that I am the right divorce lawyer for you, please give me a call and let us discuss the details. Ask about my flex-pay plan.