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Slip and Falls and You in Michigan

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According to an OSHA report, slip and falls are the second greatest cause of accidental death after motor vehicles, responsible for around 15% of accidental deaths. That’s 12,000 fatal slip and falls each year. They are also one of the most common reported injury claims at 25% of non-lethal injuries. Over 17% of all disabling occupational injuries result from slip and falls. So why is it that they occur so frequently yet are one of the most preventable accidents? Negligence on the part of a company can cost you or your loved ones time off work, medical bills, and even their life.

What Constitutes a Slip and Fall?

Slip and falls occur when there is not enough friction or traction on a surface between the footwear and the walking surface. This could be that the floor itself is not gritty enough or the floor is gritty but something has been spilled and not properly cleaned up. Businesses are required to follow guidelines and procedures to maintain a safe floor for all. That’s what those little yellow “Wet Floor” signs are for. But some businesses are lax about safety standards and the cost could be injurious to you and your loved ones. The elderly are especially vulnerable to slippery floors. Balance suffers as you age, and this combined with a slippery floor could be disastrous, even fatal.

Cost of Slip and Falls

Suffering a slip and fall can drastically affect your life. Missed work, medical bills, surgeries, physical therapy, and even anti-depressants may be needed to cope with a slip and fall. There are dozens of cases where the victim was forced to resign employment because they could no longer perform their duties due to injuries. Slip and falls leave hundreds of people on disability and social security each year. This reduces the quality of life. If injuries are serious enough, they could result in death, especially in the elderly.

Slip and Fall – Proactive Measures – What to do Before a Lawyer gets Involved

The public’s best interest is served by preventing slip and fall accidents all together. At our law office, The Law Offices of Bo Schimers and Associates, we highly recommend that businesses, homeowners, organizations and medical facilities pay the closest attention to safety as possible. We recommend contacting a flooring, safety or better yet a floor safety expert to evaluate your floors and determine if your floors meet current OSHA and ADA floor safety standards. Our recommendation in the metro Detroit area is to contact Xtreme Flooring for a floor safety evaluation.

Know Your Rights – Reactive Measures, Contact a Downriver Attorney

If you or your loved one has suffered a slip and fall, you need legal advice you can trust. Attorney Bo Schimers has over 20 years of personal injury experience. The consultation is free! Don’t write off a legal suit until you’ve spoken with Bo. You may have a winning case and not know it. Don’t fall victim to despair. We can help you in this difficult time! Contact Bo Schimers today for your free consultation!