3 Worries Every Separated Parent Has

Divorce is difficult, but having children can make things even trickier and much more personal. Of course, the goal in the long run is to provide the best benefit to your child’s upbringing. This means you need a good divorce lawyer. Every parent has several concerns with this divorce process; here are a few common concerns. Remember, express every concern that you may have to your lawyer. They will have an answer for you and will want to help you find the best solution for you, your ex and the child involved.

1. “I’m worried I won’t get the time I deserve with my child”

Many couples are concerned that they won’t get enough time with their children. Fortunately, most cases in 2016 result in a 50/50 split. Issues such as substance abuse or medical issues that impact the ability to parent may affect the final custody result. There can also be concerns if the mother is still nursing the child since that child needs to be in very close contact with their mother at the early stages of growth. Finally, there can be county-wide issues that may affect how much time you are allowed to have with your child. For instance, in Livingston County, Michigan, men are not allowed to have any overnight time with the child until the child is three years of age. There are several factors that can affect their child’s custody arrangement, and you may not think of all of these important details or realize all of the potential factors that could affect the custody agreement. Your divorce lawyer will help you walk through every step and detail so that you can get the proper amount of time with your child.

2. “I’m worried that my ex’s home environment is not safe.”

Perhaps you experienced spousal abuse or are concerned that it could be an issue after seeing your child with unexplained bruising or injury while in the care of others. Maybe your ex has a new significant other that you are concerned will not provide a healthy or safe environment. Or, the child could be afraid of the other parent and want to avoid spending time with them since they fear potential abuse or another caretaker. You child’s safety is a very common concern among divorcing couples. It is important that you express these concerns to your divorce lawyer so that it is noted when it is time to decide child custody arrangements.

3. “I’m concerned about the logistics of caring for a child affected by divorce.”
There are many logistical details that divorcing couples often worry about such as: where do you have the child exchange take place, who is allowed to babysit the child and how much time is allowed to be spent with a babysitter before it becomes an issue? Another possibility is that your ex does not have access to food or the medical resources your child needs to be healthy and safe. Again, your divorce lawyer will help you come to an agreement with your ex and their lawyer to find neutral arrangements for the child exchange and the arrangements for providing the resources necessary to raise the child. Many people also fear that their child is being watched by a babysitter to often and demand more time as a result of this situation. Your divorce lawyer can also help you find a solution to this type of problem.

If you are getting divorced or considering it and have children, call me, Bo Schimers, and I will walk you through the process so that you can resolve any concerns you may have about your child’s future and their well-being. Divorcing with minors can be difficult and a lengthy process, but if handled properly, worries by each of the parental parties will be minimized.