In Michigan Attorney’s Come a Dime a Dozen

In Michigan, you can find an attorney on just about any corner. Especially in southeast Michigan, Detroit, Dearborn, Southgate, Westland, Livonia, etc.

I’ve been in business for a longtime, twenty five plus years and I can tell you that integrity and trust between attorney and client is key. I’ll give you a brief example. When someone comes to me to get their drivers license restored, the restoration of their license is going to be based on how they show up in front of the judge. When they come to me for help, they are putting their trust in me that I will make sure they are prepared. Set up a role playing scenario that helps them practice what they will need to say, act and think. When were done they go in the court with confidence.

I have a 90%+ success rate for clients seeking to restore their drivers license. They trust me to do the best by them and I deliver.