How I Serve As A Michigan Attorney

What being a Michigan Attorney means to me

I have been a Michigan Attorney for over 20 years. There have been many changes in the law and how it is practiced during that time. I go to courts throughout S.E. Michigan including those in Wayne County, Oakland, Macomb, Monroe, Washtenaw and Livingston counties. The types of cases that I usually handle include:

Divorce and family law. Important considerations include how long the parties have been married (in a short term marriage you usually walk out with what you walked in with vs. a long term marriage in which you usually divide the assets equally). Disparity in income determines whether or not alimony would be appropriate. Usually the bill paying and responsibilities should continue as before, and if not, the court needs to enter orders to compel that the status quo be maintained.
Child Custody battles have been greatly minimized since the courts now focus in on how many overnight stays the child(ren) spend with each party. Support is based on these overnight stays – along with the incomes of the parties. If disputes arise regarding sharing the child(ren) then the parties are usually referred to a mediator. Other issues that come up from time-to-time include grandparent rights; paternity and permission to leave the state with the child(ren).

A Michigan Attorney Handling Criminal Defense

Criminal defense. The local district courts handle misdemeanors – those with a potential sentence of less than 93 days in jail. Typical misdemeanors that I handle include drunk driving; domestic violence; driving offenses; indecent exposure and shop lifting. The county circuit courts handle felonies. Typical felonies that I handle include a third drunk driving; possession/manufacture/distribution of drugs; assaults; theft/embezzlement and sex crimes. The juvenile courts handle felonies and misdemeanors when they are committed by children. Failure to comply with terms of your probation results in a show cause hearing – which I also frequently handle. If you have had only one misdemeanor or felony in your life, I can get it expunged after five years.

Personal Injury. The last several years has witnessed almost the death of personal injury actions. Michigan no fault law has always required a “serious” injury before you had the right to sue. That used to mean a couple of trips to the chiropractor. Now even broken bones are not considered “serious” enough! Previously landowners had a duty to keep their land in repair and to remove accumulations of ice & snow. Now, if your fall was caused by anything that can be seen by the naked eye – you don’t have a case. Michigan abolished the right to sue for defective and dangerous medications, severely restricted medical malpractice and other defective product cases.

Needless to say, you need an attorney who can navigate the pitfalls that stand in your way after you have been injured. I have won millions for my injured clients – from a $2,000,000 medical malpractice claim down to a $10,000 sprained ankle. Other types of cases that I have handled include Worker’s Comp and Social Security Disability claims.

Driver’s License Restoration Michigan Attorney

Driver’s license restorations. If you get two drunk driving convictions you loose your driver’s license. You can petition the Secretary of State to restore it – but they are very, very tough in granting this. I have been to hundreds of these hearings and I know what they want. I conduct the hearing and if I do my job right they will ask few follow-up questions. This means you will have heard all the questions that will be asked – AND I will have liked all your answeres. If I don’t like what you are saying – we have the opportunity to “polish you up” so that you will be the best you can be at the hearing. If you want to learn more about driver responsibility, go here.

Being a Michigan Attorney, I can appreciate how the law works. Fairness and commitment to my clients that’s what I’m about.