Drivers License Restoration History

Drivers license restoration has evolved.  It used to be if you lost your license because of a DUI or a drunk driving charge in one state or your license was suspended it was no problem.  So years ago people would do things like lose their license here in Michigan and would go down to Ohio or another state  and get a license there and continue driving, because Ohio and Michigan’s computer systems weren’t hooked up.  They didn’t know about each other, therefore they weren’t “communicating.”   But now that’s all changed.  Now the databases of all fifty states are connected, they talk so to speak.   So there’s not any place you can go anymore and get a license there.  So I get clients from all over the country, say for instance Florida.   For example someone may have moved down to Florida and try to get their license.  Only to find out they can’t because Florida says you’ve got to clear it up things with Michigan first.  So that means they have to come back here and have a hearing.

That’s how it works.

Now the cost of going from a suspended license to restored for my clients is $1200.  I know with the economy here in Michigan some people are working and some are not, but for my track record and experience and compared to what my counter part are charging in places such as Oakland County, that’s a fair rate.

Keep this in mind as well.  In the process of getting your license back and driving privilege restored my advice is to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meeting or some program that is similar.  This shows the courts that you understand your mistake and are showing initiative to correct you drinking issues.

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