Drivers License Restoration in Michigan

Drivers License Restoration in Michigan has been around since 1992.  Prior to then everybody would go to circuit court to get their license back after they had a number of drinking and driving offenses.  However the legislature was getting a lot of pressure and took away circuit court’s power to give anybody a restricted license.  The only place they could go at that time after that time was the driver’s license appeal division or the secretary of state.  Which is basically a little court in and off itself.   And so most people that go there on their own get rejected.  I tell people the secretary of state is very tough in regards to give you any driving privileges.  People will call up and say hey can I get just a restricted license to drive to and from work and the answer is no.  Normally you have to wait a year after your last conviction to even ask for a hearing.  What I do is I actually conduct the hearing.  So that means that there is no reason for you to be nervous when you go there because you will have heard all the questions that are going to be asked and I will have liked all your answers.  If I don’t like your answers we go back to school and polish you up so that you’re the best that you can be by the time  you get there.  So if someone comes to me and says “I want to repair my legal issues with my drivers license,” that’s where we begin.

My record speaks for itself I have an over 90% success rate in getting people their license back when we do go to the secretary of state.  You want to make sure you have an experienced attorney when it comes to issues dealing with a suspended license or restoration of your license.  I work with clients all over the state of Michigan but especially southeast Michigan, i.e Dearborn, Southgate, Westland, Detroit, Livonia and Canton.

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