February 3, 2015
Downriver and Detroit Personal Injury Attorney - Bo Schimers

Slip and Fall Injuries | Downriver Personal Injury Attorney

Slip and Falls and You in Michigan Legal Advice in Midst of Injury – Downriver Personal Injury According to an OSHA report, slip and falls are […]
February 1, 2015
Attorney Bo Schimers, Downriver Detroit Attorney Law Office

Can Students Force Divorcing Parents to Pay for College?

Divorce and College – The Challenge, how to Manage and Pay? According to Aristotle, “education is the best provision for life’s journey.” In our current society, […]
April 2, 2011

How I Serve As A Michigan Attorney

What being a Michigan Attorney means to me I have been a Michigan Attorney for over 20 years. There have been many changes in the law […]
March 28, 2011

This Michigan Attorney’s Six Top Ethical Duties

As a Michigan Attorney, I feel these are the six top ethical duties of any criminal lawyer. Function As an attorney I have obligation to my […]
March 25, 2011

Michigan Attorney talks Date of Separation

As a Michigan Attorney I understand every case is different, and there are some common questions that people have as they face divorce and custody proceedings. […]