October 27, 2014

What Should I Do First—File for Divorce or File for Bankruptcy?

Many people file for bankruptcy as a result of their costly divorce. But what if you already have debt issues before the marriage crumbled? She liked […]
January 15, 2014
Detroit and Downriver Islamic Divorce Attorney

Islamic Divorce – Detroit & Michigan Divorce Laws

With Michigan’s large Islamic community, the issue of an Islamic divorce in conjunction with the civil divorce case frequently is an issue. It is not uncommon […]
November 20, 2013

Alimony in Michigan – Facts & Considerations

Alimony in Michigan Alimony or spousal support springs from the concept that contributions from each marriage partner should be valued equally. Many people are under the […]
November 4, 2013

Contested Divorce vs Uncontested Divorce in Michigan

Contested Divorce vs Uncontested Divorce in Michigan Quite a number of clients tell me that their divorce will be uncontested divorce. They usually say this because they […]
December 27, 2010

Is A Fast Divorce Possible In Michigan?

Here’s a divorce question I get a lot.  Is there anything such as a Fast Divorce? For a Michigan Divorce we have what’s called a statutory […]