Bo Schimers | Drivers License Restoration ExpertDrivers License Restoration – What is it?

Drivers License Restorations through the Michigan Secretary of State (DAAD) has been around since 1992.  Prior to then, you had to go to circuit court to get your license back after a number of drinking and driving offenses and subsequent revocation. Under pressure, the Michigan legislature  took away circuit court’s power to grant a restricted license.

Drivers License Restoration – How can we help?

Now, only the Driver Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD) of the Secretary of State can grant you driving privileges.  They are basically a little court in and of itself.  So here you have a system that is mandated by the state to tighten things up.  Appeal of a DAAD order denying you a license can still be appealed to Circuit Court.  However, standards to do so are tight.  Give me a call to discuss your situation.  Don’t get rejected – bet on a sure thing.

I tell people the Michigan Secretary of State is very tough in regards to giving you any driving privileges.  People will call up and say “hey can I get just a restricted license to drive to and from work” and the answer is no.  They’re just very tough.

Normally you have to wait a year after your last conviction to even ask for a hearing.  What I do is actually conduct the hearing.  I go through all the questions that are going to be asked at the hearing.  So that means that there is no reason for you to be nervous when you go there because you will have heard all the questions that are going to be asked and I will have liked and approved of all your answers.  If I don’t like your answers we go back to school and polish you up so that you’re the best that you can be by the time you get there.  With this method of preparation I have an over 90% success rate in getting people their license restored when we do go to the Secretary of State.

Drivers License Restoration – Helping you to help yourself

The best path to getting your license restored is to attend AA meetings, Alcoholics Anonymous and be able to give AA type answers.  And a lot of people will say to me well you know “I was required to go by the probation department, but that ran out four years ago.”  So I tell them between now and the hearing date they start going AA meetings and go a lot – two or three times a week showing good effort.  To be honest, people sometimes resist going back to AA, but really that’s the key to being successful at the hearing because when I prep you for your hearing I ask a lot of AA type questions.  So you definitely got to bone up on that a little bit but as with any drivers license restoration, we will help you to be as prepared as possible for the best possible outcome.