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I’m attorney Bo Schimers. I specialized in Detroit Criminal Defense, driver’s license restoration, divorce, and personal injury. I have settled cases across southeast Michigan. I know the courts, judges, and attorneys you may face during your case proceedings. I provide you with over two decades of experience and expertise. Read more about my experience with Detroit criminal and civil cases below.

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Divorce Attorney

Child Custody Laws in MichiganAs a Detroit Divorce Attorney, I know the hardship divorce can have on all involved.  Call now for your free phone consultation:(734) 282-0200.

Michigan has no-fault divorce.  You don’t need a reason such as abandonment, etc. to get a divorce or have a need for a divorce lawyer.  You know when it’s over.  Is it?  If the answer is yes – call Bo! If the answer is maybe – please consider marriage counseling.  Truly, the “grass is not greener on the other side.”  Fortunately, I have reasonable rates and I accept credit cards!

In a short-term marriage you generally walk out with what you walked in with and half the appreciation of all marital assets.


In a long-term marriage you generally split everything – including equity in the house, pensions, 401(k)s and debts. Is there a large difference between you and your spouse’s income?  If so, the Judge will probably award payment of some COBRA health benefits (worth up to +$18,000) and alimony! Maybe even the attorney fees.

With that kind of money at stake it would be foolish to hire the cheapest attorney that you can find, or worse – use a divorce kit!  “Penny wise – Pound foolish”  still applies!

There is such a great variation in what is possible – it is extremely important that you call and get an individualized answer to your situation. I have seen a million different solutions. It is likely that I have seen yours.

Criminal Defense

Call Attorney Bo Schimers now for your free phone Detroit criminal defense consultation: (734) 282-0200.

In most cases, I can keep you out of prison. I will minimize the consequences on your life. With over 25 years as a Detroit criminal defense attorney, I have the knowledge, experience and networked connections to help provide you with the best outcome possible.

Personal Injury Attorney



Call today for your free phone consultation, (734) 282-0200. Some of the personal injury claims that I have settled for my clients include:

  • Medical Malpractice; Birth Trauma
  • Car Accident; Motorcycle and Trucking Injuries
  • Michigan No-Fault Insurance Claims [PIP]
  • Premises Liability Claims including slip and falls, trip and falls, falls on ice and snow, falling merchandise
  • Dogbites
  • Boating accidents
  • Tainted food – salmonella; E. coli, SARS; Norwalk disease; poison, etc.
  • Products Liability claims whereby injuries were caused by defective products.
  • Exposure to dangerous substances such as Asbestos.

Of course, I give you the Schimers guarantee where I never charge an attorney fee unless we win! Remember insurance companies make money by not paying claims.  Call me for all the details.

Drunk Driving Driver's License Restoration - Call Bo

If you have had a few drinking and driving convictions, you are generally eligible to request a hearing at the Secretary of State [DAAD] once a year – after either a one year or 5 year wait. You must submit a recent substance abuse evaluation and 4-5 letters of sobriety to request this hearing.



Appeals of a DAAD order denying a restricted license can be appealed to Circuit Court.

Whatever your case requires in terms of driver’s license restoration, I am recognized as the leading legal counsel in the state of Michigan in matters which pertain to a Driver’s License Restoration.

I can petition Circuit Court for a restricted license for Driving While License Suspended [DWLS] prior to 1999; Drinking & Driving prior to 1992; any 1st Implied Consent [Refusal to Blow]; too many points and a few other license suspensions. However, a suspension for unpaid tickets cannot be appealed.

Call Bo today to discuss your driver’s license restoration case!

Detroit Divorce, Criminal Defense, Driver’s License Restoration, Personal Injury Price Quotes

Detroit Criminal Defense

Most district court matters such as Driving While License Suspended [DWLS]; Spousal Abuse; Drunk Driving; Retail Fraud, etc. start as low as $600.00 down.

Probation violation hearings start at $700. A Motion for Reconsideration of Sentence starts at $1,200.00.

Detroit Driver’s License Restoration

I will schedule and completely prepare you for the DAAD hearing for a flat fee of $1,600.00.  I accept VISA/Mastercard.

Detroit Appeal of a DAAD

Act Fast!  $800.00 starts you on your way. ($1,600 with 1/2 down + $150 court filing fee). 

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